March 14, 2019 by Nancy Chavez

Why Are We Flexing About Security?

When we hear people talk about healthy, long-lasting relationships, we hear words like trust and security. Here at Brightmetrics™, we strive to have that kind of relationship with our users.

Unfortunately, in this relationship, we can’t provide coffee dates, long walks on the beach, or late nights watching Netflix. But what we can do is provide a system that is fully secure and one that you can rely on and trust.


Let’s be honest, is there anything better than that?


We know that building trust is easier said than done and when subscribing to a new Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud company, trusting that service with your company’s most sensitive information can be a scary thing.


Brightmetrics has developed our product from the ground up with security being the #1 concern.


As a cloud software provider, we offer enterprise-level security features, encryption, and the latest compliance standards to our end users.


In order to ease your mind a little, we want to take a second to flex about our security features:


1. End-to-End Encryption

All customer data in Brightmetrics’ service is encrypted using AES-256. The data is encrypted before it leaves your servers or local computer and remains encrypted on our end. This means that the Brightmetrics administrators and support staff cannot decrypt your data. Only you can decode the Brightmetrics data using your unique login and password.


2. Protection of Sensitive Information

When Brightmetrics database administrators work inside the system, they will not be able to see any unencrypted or identifying information about the company. Any sensitive information, financials, intellectual property, client information. So, your most valued secrets will remain encrypted and hidden from view in the Brightmetrics system. And to give you another breath of fresh air, even in the unlikelihood of our infrastructure being compromised, your data will always remain protected.


Here is another major consideration: Brightmetrics doesn’t even store your company’s detailed records in our infrastructure. Only summary level calculations for your customer engagements are calculated and stored in our hosted service infrastructure and any detailed information is passed directly from the storage within your communications/contact center systems directly to your browser session via the encryption discussed above!


3. Password Protection and Data Recovery

We don’t allow just anyone to recover password information, we use strict procedures to govern which Brightmetrics employees have clearance to re-issue a password to the end-user. If a password is lost or stolen, we have created the highest level of security around password recovery to ensure that all data is accessible to you in the event of a stolen password. Not to worry though, Brightmetrics data is always recoverable. A small group of our employees can unlock or decrypt data at the user request for tech support or recovery purposes.


4. Compliance with Industry Standards

At Brightmetrics, we work with a host provider who is an industry leader in security and is compliant with SAS70 Type II Auditing, the highest standard in IT security checks. This means that we are always up-to-date on complex compliance measures and rapid best practice changes.


This all sounds great, right? But what exactly does it all mean?


Your data and your customer's data are concealed and protected. A lost or stolen password can be re-issued, and data can always be recovered, all with your permission first. Lastly, we are always keeping up-to-date in the latest security compliances.


We’ll keep you safe and secure, and you’ll fall asleep at night knowing that, in this relationship, trust and security is #1.


To learn more about the Brightmetrics security features, please feel free to contact us at


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