April 05, 2018 by Matt Beatty

ECC Insights: Who Does It Better?

Here’s our newest video that showcases everything we can do for users of the Enterprise Contact Center and why ECC users need more than what Mitel delivers in their native reporting and even their add-on applications.





Successful contact center operations demand analytics that are accessible. This means that you can manipulate, change the format, and drill into any chart or report you like.


Brightmetrics™ also gives timely insights. Use our REAL TIME Analytics™ (add-on) to see in-the-moment metrics, change the status of any agent, and display messages to your team (see below for an example I dream about regularly).


Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 11.56.16 AM


Lastly, our service also affords you control to positively influence the productivity of your team. Having these in-the-moment perspectives give you a barometer on your customer satisfaction too! With Brightmetrics, you won’t have to worry whether Susan is unnecessarily transferring any call that’ll last more than 3 minutes. This seems dramatic, but I swear it happens.


In short, Brightmetrics delivers capabilities that no one else can to dramatically improve the performance of your team in delivering world class service by simply using the data in your contact center and phone system.


Show Me The Analytics!


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