May 09, 2018 by Matt Beatty

Let's Talk Balancing Staffing Levels

It’s obvious when organizations are having issues with staffing levels, right? When you see employees at a retail store talking loudly about the obnoxious quote one of their ex-boyfriends posted on Twitter, you may think, “Wow, they really don’t have anything better to do?”
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April 19, 2018 by Matt Beatty

Check out the Big Transfer Rate on Brad…

Right about now, you’re probably thinking about Big Kahuna Burger, but let’s not get carried away and move on to evaluating your agents from the data insights available in Brightmetrics .   
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April 12, 2018 by Matt Beatty

Customer Spotlight on The Cleveland Indians

We’re always humbled by the amount of trust that our customers have in us and the services delivered through Brightmetrics. In the end, they are the heroes and we’ve become one of the tools they leverage to deliver another level of service and productivity.
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May 05, 2016 by brightmetrics2

Mitel (ShoreTel) Auto-Attendant Reporting

This post has been updated on 2/25/2014 to update based on further testing. We had been recommending Route Points as reporting points for AA reporting but have found that is not as reliable as using empty Workgroups instead. This post now reflects the new instructions.
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