August 06, 2020 by Matt Beatty

Brightmetrics™ Analytics and Dashboards Released for MiContact Center Business

  Whether you are a MiVoice Connect Contact Center (MCCC, previously ShoreTel ECC) customer looking at the migration path to MiContact Center, or you have been a longtime MiContact Center customer…
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August 03, 2020 by Amanda Davis

How Agent Scorecards Can Help a Distributed Contact Center

All of our worlds have been turned upside-down recently due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic. Like most businesses, you likely had to put a quick, emergency plan in place to get your contact center agents the technology and resources they needed to be able to successfully work from home. [...]
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November 05, 2019 by Matt Beatty

Custom Genesys Cloud Reports Simplified: Brightmetrics is a Premium App!

It's easier than ever to create custom reports on Genesys Cloud! The Genesys Cloud (PureCloud) scene is growing like crazy! They've continued to earn their place as a leader in the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). By the way, congrats to the Genesys team for leading again in the [...]
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November 16, 2018 by Nancy Chavez

Thankful for Pumpkin Pie, Eggnog, and You!

As the temperature begins to drop and the holidays approach, we’d like to take this time to reflect on another great year! Brightmetrics truly is the company that we are today because of our wonderful team. We are constantly striving to deliver the best reporting, business insights, and [...]
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September 24, 2018 by Matt Beatty

Reflections on the Rise of AI in Customer Experience

Regardless of whether you’re a Millennial that’s grown up acclimated to Siri ordering your Starbucks for you, or if you’re like me and grew up with some (healthy) suspicion of Skynet, the reality is that AI is busting into the customer experience scene. What's more, it is also likely [...]
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August 30, 2018 by Matt Beatty

The Top 10 Real Time Charts Your Team Will Use Everyday

Having information in real time really makes a difference. My favorite example of this is when I order a pizza and I'm given the ability to see in what stage it’s at at any given moment. I love when I'm able to view a single pane of glass that shows me when my pizza is being made, when [...]
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February 16, 2017 by Jim Lewis

The Holy Grail of Contact Center Analytics

Contact center managers need easy access to analytics that help them make good decisions when it comes to staffing levels, employee productivity and understanding the customer experience. Many contact center call reports provide a limited summary of performance, requiring managers to run [...]
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