January 18, 2018 by Matt Beatty

Spotlight on Healthcare: Understand Customer Needs with Brightmetrics™

Golden Valley Health Care (GVHC) is an organization that provides healthcare to a California-based population of underprivileged patients. Their typical customer is someone who has limited access to treatment so the telephone communication they use for internal and external engagement is vital to delivering effective, efficient, and reliably delightful interactions with their patients.


The Problem:

While the communication facilitated through their Mitel (ShoreTel) phone system was reliable and consistent, leadership lacked a timely and accurate way to mine and analyze the data from the Mitel native reporting system. Most importantly, management was interested in measuring more details regarding their call volume in order to distribute their resources correctly to continue to provide the highest level of patient care.


Their Brilliant Hack:

Once GVHC migrated from native Mitel reporting to Brightmetrics, they were faced with a wealth of additional data to better inform their decisions. The first thing they did was measure the number of calls the GVHC was fielding. Internal and external calls totaled about 400,000 per quarter. This new information enabled management to adjust team member resources based on times and days of highest call volume. This also enabled their technical team to optimize configuration and infrastructure to address their biggest needs. GVHC has always been committed to fine-tuning their operations towards continual improvement of their delivery in patient care and the inflexible data available in Mitel reporting could not adequately enable these processes. With the introduction of Brightmetrics to their toolkit, the GVHC team was able to better slice and dice their Mitel phone data to see patterns that could direct better business decisions.


Once the management had a more accurate picture of their call volume, they were able to see that a large part of their incoming call volume was multiple calls from the same patients. The GVHC team took their Brightmetrics usage to the next level and employed these tools within the services and processes to specifically improve this trend:


  • Search for repeat calls using the Caller ID report feature
  • Reach out to repeat calls and ascertain why the patients had to call back so often
  • Adjust process, policies, and staffing levels to better meet the needs of the patients they serve


While the desire and need to provide first-rate quality of care to patients has always been in the DNA of GVHC, their ability to use Mitel native reporting to see the analytics behind that care was challenging at best. The dedication and vision of their management was beyond the functionality of Mitel reporting. With the addition of Brightmetrics, the GVHC team can actualize insights from analytics of their customer communication and take their exceptional practices to the next level.


As their Network Administrator says:

“Our experience with Brightmetrics has been nothing short of miraculous."

Read the Case Study here


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