January 04, 2018 by Matt Beatty

Spotlight on Healthcare: Set Achievable Goals with Brightmetrics™

Within the past decade, the US healthcare industry has shifted in ways that empower consumers with many choices when it comes to their healthcare providers. This has increased the emphasis on providing excellent customer service as a way to differentiate. Regardless of the type of contact or the service being provided, the goal for many healthcare organizations is to engage in delightful interactions with their patient base. Evolent Health is a Brightmetrics customer that has doubled-down on their focus to providing the best in their engagements.

Evolent Health aligns strategic partnerships for providers to deliver superior care at value-based costs to patients in more than 30 U.S. healthcare markets. Their largest volume of customer engagement comes through their utilization management (care management) coordination department that handles prior authorization fax requests and phone calls.


The Problem

Prior to implementing Brightmetrics in this department, the management at Evolent Health struggled to derive the information they needed through the native reporting available through Mitel (ShoreTel). Their newly-positioned manager was interested in setting performance goals related to call answering percentage, a metric she determined would be vital to providing the desired level of service to callers. However, leadership was unable to find the current metrics that would have enabled her to determine a call answering percentage goal that was achievable for the staff. Because of that, it was even more difficult to monitor employees to determine who was achieving that goal and who needed additional coaching.


Their Brilliant Hack

The leadership team at Evolent Health implemented Brightmetrics and by using historical records that already existed buried in their Mitel database, they were able to take a deep dive into their past answer percentages to determine a goal that was both achievable and conducive to the best possible customer experience. Their analysis was so deep that the team manager was able to go back and pull her own metrics from her days as an agent. Some key insights surfaced while researching in Brightmetrics to establish this goal:


  • While reviewing past performance, the manager was able to determine realistic goals that she’d been consistently able to hit without the benefits of analytics to monitor (this was before they had Brightmetrics)
  • With this internal benchmark, they realized that the most of their team was already achieving -- proof that it was a realistic goal for everyone, but also gave perspective to training opportunities where expectations weren’t being met
  • They were able to correlate these metrics to CSAT to determine if these prospective goals met the needs of the highest possible percentage of customers without experiencing diminishing returns on investment


Evolent Health easily surfaced insightful metrics that were available exclusively through Brightmetrics services to ensure that they selected the best goal for their call center agents by creating an environment of success for customers and team members alike. Sharing the analytics afforded by Brightmetrics was a simple way of delivering consistently better results to the customers of Evolent Health.


Read the Case Study Here


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