April 12, 2018 by Matt Beatty

Customer Spotlight on the Cleveland Indians

We’re always humbled by the amount of trust that our customers have in us and the services delivered through Brightmetrics™.

In the end, they are the heroes and we’ve become one of the tools they leverage to deliver another level of service and productivity.


Because of this, we were especially excited when we found out a storied MLB team, the Cleveland Indians, were taking advantage of the full suite of Brightmetrics.


It was even more exciting to discover how they were using all tools to solve these problems:

  • A better way to pull and analyze metrics behind their Fans Services phone operations was necessary
  • They required capabilities that enabled long-term trend analysis to prepare for predictable changes in call volume
  • The Indians were missing the ability to monitor phone traffic in real time and react to sudden spikes


Within a year of implementing Brightmetrics, the Cleveland Indians were able to:

  • Drop their abandon rate by 65%
  • Drop their average queue time by 38%
  • Improve their percentage of calls presented/answered by 21%


Read the Cleveland Indians' Case Study


And although we might be rooting for the SF Giants in the NL, we’re thrilled to say Go Tribe!



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