May 05, 2016 by Andrew Gaskill

Mitel Auto-Attendant Reporting

This post has been updated on 2/25/2014 to update based on further testing. We had been recommending Route Points as reporting points for AA reporting but have found that is not as reliable as using empty Workgroups instead. This post now reflects the new instructions.


We get a lot of requests for reporting on what happens within a Mitel (ShoreTel) Auto-Attendant. Unfortunately, Mitel’s (ShoreTel) AAs are a black box to outside developers. We see a call go in to the AA and we see it come out, but we have no way of knowing what happens while it is in there.


But all is not lost. With a little ingenuity, you can have reports that show you exactly what happens in your Auto Attendants and follow any flow.


Mitel (ShoreTel) Workgroups are a powerful tool for distributing calls among agents. But you can also use them as a measurement point for your AA menus. And since you can report on a Workgroup the same way you report on any other extension, you can use this to see what people are doing inside your AA menus.


Let’s say we have the following AA menu:


AA Menu


There’s no way to see how many calls chose to go to the Sales AA vs the Customer Service AA. However, if you insert a Workgroup with no members into the equation, your AA tree would look like this:


AA Menu with RP

Replace the Route Points in this diagram with empty workgroups that forward to the next destination or menu when no agents are logged in (which should be always)

With those Workgroups automatically forwarding to the appropriate AA, the call actually comes out of the original AA, to the Workgroup, and back into the designated AA. This is nearly transparent to the caller (they will hear one partial ring), but you can now build reports around those Workgroups and see how many people are selecting which options in your Auto-Attendant.


In addition, when you drill into any individual call, you will be able to see the Workgroups that they selected throughout the call and know exactly the path that the caller took to reach their destination.


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