October 12, 2017 by Matt Beatty

Brightmetrics vs. Mitel (ShoreTel) Reporting

Contact center managers with Mitel (ShoreTel) phone systems and Enterprise Contact Center know they need to make data-driven decisions but have found that getting to the data to discover insights can be incredibly difficult. For that reason, Brightmetrics developed the Enterprise Contact [...]
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September 21, 2017 by Andrea Wagner

The Secrets to Mastering Scheduled Reports

Almost every role in an organization that is dependent on customer communication can benefit from well-developed scheduled reports for their Mitel (ShoreTel) phone data. Brightmetrics makes scheduling the delivery of unique reporting and dashboards incredibly easy. However, there are some [...]
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August 13, 2017 by Andrea Wagner

Solving Small and Medium Business Problems With Your Mitel (ShoreTel) Phone Analytics

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June 23, 2017 by Michele Cuchra

Which 2 Metrics Can I Use for a Better Customer Experience Tomorrow?

Each contact center has its own programs, with goals and objectives set by the management, client, or other key stakeholders. While there are several key contact center metrics needed for a balanced perspective (i.e. customer satisfaction, first contact resolution, agent satisfaction, [...]
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May 23, 2017 by Michele Cuchra

3 Ways to Improve Contact Center Agent Performance

If you use Brightmetrics Core UC Analytics Service to derive valuable business insights from your Mitel (ShoreTel) business phones, you’re already a believer in empowering your team with data perspectives that are tailored and unique to your organization. Contact center management and [...]
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May 12, 2017 by Matt Beatty

Strategic and Tactical: The Dynamic Duo of Call Center Management

Great things seem to come in pairs: peanut butter and jelly, paper and pen, Batman and Robin, bacon and… anything. Call center management is no different. When it comes to successfully managing a call center, one of the most important ways to increase the effectiveness of your business [...]
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April 12, 2017 by Brightmetrics Team

How to Set Your Call Center Service Level Agreement

Having the correct service level agreement is imperative for your organization in order to achieve maximum customer service satisfaction while following budgetary restrictions and setting achievable goals for your call center agents. Sometimes there are immediate, direct fiscal penalties [...]
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March 23, 2017 by Jim Lewis

Managing Call Center Staffing Through Phone Data

There are many reasons that staffing needs fluctuate for call centers. Some of those reasons might include predictable patterns such as seasonal demands or typical call flow, such as a doctor’s office receiving more calls in the morning. Other reasons are predictable, but are more [...]
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February 16, 2017 by Jim Lewis

The Holy Grail of Contact Center Analytics

Contact center managers need easy access to analytics that help them make good decisions when it comes to staffing levels, employee productivity and understanding the customer experience. Many contact center call reports provide a limited summary of performance, requiring managers to run [...]
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January 24, 2017 by Matt Beatty

Make Informed In-the-Moment Decisions with Real Time Analytics

“What gets managed gets improved.” – Peter Drucker This is a reality in all facets of business, and especially when it comes to the most common point of contact you have with your customers: your business phone system. Brightmetrics has two options for delivering those measurements: [...]
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