March 29, 2018 by Matt Beatty

Now That We’ve Found Abandonment Rate and Queue Time, What Are We Gonna Do?

Okay, cool video last time about what abandonment rate and queue times can tell you, right? If you missed that one (or just miss Peter's baritone), you can always watch it here.


Now you’re curious… just how do I monitor my Average Queue time, my Average Abandoned Calls Queue times, and my Abandonment Rate?


With Brightmetrics™ services, you’re in luck. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep your finger on the pulse for a team configured into a Hunt Group, a Workgroup, or a [Mitel/ShoreTel ECC] Group we’ve made it really simple to see this data on your Brightmetrics dashboards. This will leave you plenty of time to work on your Carlton moves… if that’s your thing.






The quickest way to configure these in Brightmetrics is to use our handy Dashboard Tab Templates and go with what’s served up, but we also make it easy to expand and customize the charts with these metrics to your taste (Warning: may be habit-forming and requires create/edit dashboards permissions”):


“But wait a second,” you say, I don’t know how to create a dashboard ”… we’ve got a video that runs less than a minute for that!


Alternatively, just follow the 1, 2, 3, quick reminder screenshot below on how to create a Dashboard from our templates.




As you consider which templates to use to build a dashboard for your group that helps get you these perspectives, check out the below where I’ve highlighted some of the key charts on each template (Hunt Group, Workgroup and ECC Group) that tie into queue and abandon rate metrics.


And don’t forget, you can drill through any of the charts with the magnifying glass just like we did in that video last week.


Historicals For Your Analytics

Hunt Groups: Hunt Group Template”: On this template, built from Call Party Activity Datasource, we’re going to hit you with these charts:

  • Call Count by Exit Reason - 30 Day time series
  • Call Count by Exit Reason - 30 Day totals bar  
  • Average Abandon Time - 30 Day time series
  • Abandon Rate % - 30 Day time series






Workgroups: Workgroup Summary (all or per workgroup)” Template: these workhorse templates built from Mitel (ShoreTel) Queue Data Source will give you similar visualizations/charts:

  • Call Count by Exit Reason - 90 Day - time series
  • Call Count by Exit Reason - 30 Day - totals bar
  • Average Queue Time - 90 Day - time series
  • Abandon Rate % - 90 Day - time series
  • Count - All Calls by Hour [of the day] - 30 days



ECC Groups: ECC Group Performance” Template: Now you can really get fancy with the Brightmetrics ECC Group Data, where we can do cool things like break these out into Service Time Intervals (what are STIs? check out our data definitions):

  • Call Count by Exit Reason - 30 Day - time series
  • Call in STI & Exit Reason - 30 Day totals - bar
  • Average Queue Time - 30 Day - time series

Check out how I silence the other exit reasons to dial into Abandoned and see some big correlation points against our overall Average Queue Time:




Intradaily In the Moment REAL TIME Analytics

REAL TIME - ECC Realtime (multi or single Group)”

  • Queued Calls, Avg Queue Time for the day - Board
    • One of my favorite mods: Add on the Average Time Abandoned Value in your chart options:


  • Call Disposition Today, Count/% Abandoned Calls - Pie


REAL TIME - Realtime Workgroup Status”

  • Handled Reasons Today - Pie Chart
  • Calls in Queue, Count of Abandoned - Table Chart




Want to learn how to build this bad boy?



Attend our live training for dashboards!

I promise it's way more engaging and interactive than you think. Not like this Econ class...




Ultimately, if you ever run into any issues setting up these template dashboards, or taking the easy steps to modify and configure them to your unique tastes and preferences you can shoot a note to our Support Engineering team:!


Fun Fact

Brightmetrics Support Engineering Team has maintained a 99%+ Customer Satisfaction rating for 18 months straight and over several thousand tickets (pretty much since we first started tracking)!


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