December 04, 2018 by Matt Beatty

New Year, New Agent Goals

As the end of the year approaches, right now is the perfect time to thoroughly and thoughtfully think about new year’s goals.

Some people like to focus on personal goals. You might be interested in checking Instagram 16 instead of 20 times a day, or starting an intense yoga class at 5 am, or even cutting out sugar from your diet.


Personal goals are great for creating better habits and can lead to a fuller, richer life! However, establishing goals in the workplace can be just as important. Considering that a person with a full-time job spends (what feels like and might be) most of their day at work, your work life deserves some intentionality too.


In the workplace, your goals could be the same, but there is the opportunity to dive a little bit deeper. Maybe you’ll make it a goal to not roll your eyes every time Susan mentions her 4 chihuahuas. Or maybe even something simpler, like making it a point to organize your crowded desk once a week.


Now, if you’re managing a team, I’m sure you’ve already thought about their goals and how to help them reach them. Did you know that Brightmetrics offers multiple ways for your agents to manage themselves and drive towards achieving their workplace goals?


Here’s how:


1. In Brightmetrics, you can create as many users as you’d like. So, if you have 12 contact center agents on your team- you are welcome to add each and every single one of them as a user. Need some instructions on how to create a new user? I got you. The best part of this is that you don’t have to spend time training your agents on how to use Brightmetrics, we offer tutorial videos and free weekly training sessions that go over the basics.

2. Got sensitive information you don’t want everyone to have access to? You have the ability to allow specific dashboards and reports to be shared with specific users. One way to keep them focused on exactly (and only ) what you want is to create a dashboard for each agent on your team. It can show that specific agent’s abandon rate, answer rate, hold time, wrap time, etc. Once you’ve created those dashboards, your agents will have their own personalized boards that they can use for the rest of the year for their own personal management. Curious about how to create your own - here’s another blog that goes into more detail.

3. The last step to this is to create a REAL TIME Analytics™ (add-on) dashboard with all your team’s stats. REAL TIME Analytics allows your organization to have in-the-moment insights to help understand your employee productivity. Once you implement your REAL TIME dashboard and share it with your team, you’ll have the analytics your team needs to impact customer experience and shape business outcomes as they happen. I recommend including these charts in your dashboard: Agent Timeline, Group Queued Calls, Agent Status, Queued Calls, and Work Group Status. Need to know which REAL TIME charts would be most beneficial for you and your team? Click here.


So as this year ends and the new one comes around, setting up your agents to help manage themselves is a must-do.


Your team will be able to track their weekly, monthly and even quarterly progress towards their goals with access to their own dashboards.


So, whether its dropping sweets entirely, having more patience in the workplace, or helping your agents create their own dashboards, crafting new goals for the new year is important to set yourself up for a great year- personally and in the workplace.


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