January 24, 2017 by Matt Beatty

Make Informed In-the-Moment Decisions with REAL TIME Analytics™

“What gets managed gets improved.” – Peter Drucker

This is a reality in all facets of business, and especially when it comes to the most common point of contact you have with your customers: your business phone system. Brightmetrics™ has two options for delivering those measurements: historical reports and an add-on service module of REAL TIME Analytics. It’s the combination of these two services that provides the most powerful insights for your business. While historical data is incredibly useful to upper management who can use it to determine business strategy for your organization, real time data is just as useful for those frontline managers and team members who are in the trenches and are the ones actually interacting with your customers.

Here Are 3 Ways That REAL TIME Analytics Enables Better Team Performance:

1. Managers Can Make Better On-the-Fly Decisions

When it comes to scheduling, hiring and setting quarterly goals, historical data is imperative to the success of your organization. But what happens when even the best of those planning efforts don’t go according to expectations? When you have an inexplicable rush (or slow period), when too many people in a specific department are out sick or when you need a temporary increase in a particular team? REAL TIME Analytics can provide your managers in the trenches the data that they need to help shift resources, alter processes, or take the necessary actions for their teams to succeed with your organization’s highest priorities and objectives.

2. Employees Can Make Better Decisions for the Team

REAL TIME data empowers employees to positively impact the customer experience as it happens. For example, if agents typically are focused on outbound calls but have the situational awareness to see if the queue time is high, an employee can make a conscientious decision to take inbound calls to help relieve that queue time. There are a myriad of tiny decisions that employees make every single day that shape your customer experience. Help those employees make the right choice by putting the REAL TIME data in front of them.

3. Your Team Can Self-Manage

Only providing evaluations at the end of a period, or looking in the rear-view mirror with your team members to determine whether or not they hit their goals, can be pretty demoralizing. This kind of review is important, but providing the information throughout the day is so much more helpful as it affords the opportunity to course-correct and realign toward what’s most important. Since organizations often set targets and goals that are agent-specific, access to REAL TIME data is imperative to helping each individual manage their workload and work style as the day unfolds so they can hit those targets. This is one of the best ways to help your team, and thereby your organization, achieve your overall objectives.

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