June 15, 2018 by Matt Beatty

London Calling… Again? Could Wrap Codes Help Answer “Why?”

Wait, what? Why would London be calling (over and over and over)? Is it another call to order a new bass?



Nope, we’re not talking like “the show’s a wrap”, we’re talking Wrap as in all those productive activities your agents do after their live engagement with the customer. We’re going to dive into talking about how tagging your calls with the Wrap Codes will help to normalize and group the reasons for your calls… I know sounds WAY LESS FUN than partying like a rockstar, but trust me its more helpful, involves a lot less jet lag, and has the potential to make you look like a rockstar at work.


So, as Peter talked about in the Vlog “Using Wrap Codes for a Refined Customer Experience”, if your organization is running the Mitel MiVoice Connect Contact Center (formerly ShoreTel ECC), then using wrap codes is probably one of the main features you’re already using and can squeeze a ton more benefits from!


Now let's just get right to it: How do we create those stunning visualizations of this useful data in the charts that Peter used from Brightmetrics™?


***Reminder, in order to get these charts you’ll need to have:

  1.  Mitel MiVoice Connect Contact Center (formerly ShoreTel ECC)
  2.  Brightmetrics Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) Analytics Services


This one I’m going to make easy SUPER easy for you…why?


Because we include both of these charts in our Standard ECC Group Activity Dashboard Tab! So if you already have a dashboard tab that was created from our standard template (Create a New Tab → ECC Group Performance) then you probably already have both of these charts:

  • Call Count by Wrap Code, and
  • Avg Talk Time by Wrap Code

chillin’ out on that dashboard ready for your review.


However, if you don’t have this dashboard tab or want to create a new one for an ECC Group you’re interested in then this is really simple:


You can select:

  1. In Edit Dashboards, → Click the last tab with the green plus icon
  2. Under Create tab from a template → Choose ECC Group Performance


  1. Select the Group(s) you want to see on the dashboard


  1. “Save as” with the name you want to give your new dashboard 


  1. Dive into those beautiful charts you’ll see around your Wrap Codes:


As always, if you run into any issues or have questions while creating these charts, don’t think you’re better off alone… shoot us a note with the specifics or screenshots of what you’re encountering at support@brightmetrics.com. They’ll hit you back with a helpful response within the business hour!


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