May 18, 2010 by Jim Lewis

Welcome to Brightmetrics™

Many people know me from the last 11 years of my life as CEO of PlanIT Solutions. Being CEO at a successful IT solutions provider for that long means that I've gotten to know a lot of small and medium sized companies. Through that experience I've learned a lot about a wide variety of businesses. About a year ago, it struck me that there is one challenge that nearly all businesses with which I had the opportunity to interact shared.


They never had as much information about their company as they would have liked.


A complete picture of what is currently happening in their business eludes most executive teams. The issue certainly varies widely by degrees, but regardless of severity, if there are pieces of information that are not readily available the decisions made with limited relevant information may be called into question.


At PlanIT, solving this problem (or helping, because it is a problem that, perhaps, doesn't have a complete solution) was not really what people were coming to us for. It would have stretched our resources too much to provide the valuable service that we did, and try to answer questions like this as well. But the wheels were turning.


Early this year, we had the opportunity to merge with a company that I really admired. We had been friendly competitors with Endsight ( for several years we realized that, together, the two companies would be greater than the sum of their parts. After much thought, and making sure that as many of the people at PlanITs were taken care of as we could, we decided to team up.


But this left me with a decision. My passion is really in creating new things. So I took the smartest guy I know and moved on.


Brightmetrics is the brainchild of myself, and my friend/business partner/CTO Andrew Gaskill, along with the knowledge that there is a gaping whole for small and medium size businesses where excellently presented data can really make a huge difference in the decision making process.


Over the coming weeks and months, I'll be sharing our thoughts on what exactly this means and how best to accomplish such an audacious goal.




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