March 01, 2018 by Matt Beatty

So, Where Do I Start?

At first glance, it can be a little overwhelming to understand and manage the dashboards and reporting features in Brightmetrics™.




Fortunately, getting started is easy! Watch this quick video or read below to find out how:



Getting the Most Out of Brightmetrics from Brightmetrics on Vimeo.


Not a video person and you’d rather skim? Here’s what you need to know:


First, we offer free, live trainings on dashboards, reporting, and admin features weekly. Sign up here.


There are help videos available to you in Brightmetrics. Navigate to the Help button on the left sidebar menu. You’ll find a ton of videos ranging from Drilling into Report Details to Editing Dashboard Tabs.


Our Help Center is another resource to visit. There are lot of searchable articles to sift through if you need help with everything from installation to scheduling delivery of customer reports.


The terminology for particular fields used in Brightmetrics have been taken directly from Mitel’s (ShoreTel) data at every opportunity. It isn’t easy to understand. To remedy this, we created our Data Definitions page that allows you to select any category, data set, or field name and narrow down to find what you need quickly.


Lastly, 1st Class Support Engineers are available 8am to 8pm EST, Mon – Fri ready to answer all your questions and inquires within the business hour:


Also, there is no limit to how many users you’d like to set up on Brightmetrics. This means that you can share the wealth of analytics knowledge with your entire team. You can create personal dashboards for you agents, so they can see how they’re doing on a day to day basis or set up a monthly scheduled report to executives in your organization. Learn how to add a new user here.


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