June 28, 2018 by Matt Beatty

Customer Spotlight On A.B. May

With summer hitting full swing and temperatures peaking, some of you might be reaching for the phone to call on the services of your local HVAC repairer.

Whether you’re delivering the services or you’re the one calling, everyone hopes the call is answered quickly and skilled professionals are rapidly dispatched to restore your ideal environment! Here at Brightmetrics™, we have some folks with some pretty frosty preferences… so this “crisis” scenario is very near and dear to our heart. 


We recently had the amazing privilege of catching up with one of our customers, A.B. May, that delivers specialty services and repairs like HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical. Serving their customers (and their community) with empathy is deeply ingrained throughout their organization. Brightmetrics became an easy-to-use tool in their chest to continue refining how they deliver their best in every customer engagement.


A.B. May is a family owned business operating like a huge family. So, when the family needed to dig deeper into the metrics of their customer engagement, they didn’t hold back anything to employ all of Brightmetrics services to help:

  • Build and refine productive team behavior around schedule compliance, use of appropriate wrap codes, and agent communication skills
  • Improve their customer intelligence by seeing exactly what callers were experiencing in the phone system before they reached an agent
  • Understand and improve where callers were sent when there were influxes of calls in the queue


Most importantly, A.B. May was able to build savvy process improvements, many of which were fueled by fresh insights and awareness delivered with Brightmetrics services.


Whatsmore, those improvements fueled a 26% drop in their abandon call rate, a 31% drop in their average caller wait (queue time), and returned or generated over $200,000 in additional revenue to the organization within a year!


Read A.B May's Case Study


And, did we mention they are fantastic people too! Check out their blog to read about their commitment to serving their community in the Kansas City Area:



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