November 05, 2019 by Matt Beatty

Genesys Cloud Reports Simplified: Brightmetrics™ Is a Premium App

It's easier than ever to create custom reports on Genesys Cloud!

The Genesys Cloud (PureCloud) scene is growing like crazy! They've continued to earn their place as a leader in the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). By the way, congrats to the Genesys team for leading again in the Gartner CCaaS Magic Quadrant! Among the superlative reviews, there is one consistent theme: can you create custom reports on Genesys Cloud? With the Genesys AppFoundry, you can install Brightmetrics services today and find out the answer for yourself!


Teams using the Genesys Cloud platform value agile, flexible, intuitive, and straight forward solutions. That's why we're excited to announce we've made adding Brightmetrics to your Genesys Cloud solutions mix easier.


As of today, Brightmetrics is a Premium App for the Genesys Cloud platform!

Now, in addition to being in the AppFoundry, we've taken our partnership to the next level to make it easier and more valuable for your team to find the business intelligence you need from your Genesys Cloud data.


So what's the big deal about Brightmetrics being a "Premium AppFoundry Partner"?

Glad you asked.


We're excited about this because of what this allows us to do for you, our customer, and those considering how Brightmetrics' services could help your team. Spoiler alert: you're quite simply going to see a theme here -


1) Simple, Free Trial Set-Up: Genesys Cloud customers will be able to find Brightmetrics and launch their free 30-day trial from within their Genesys Cloud platform! Configuring the trial will take you less than 5 minutes of your time, and you'll see insights from your data within the hour.



2) Simple, Free Access to World Class Support: Brightmetrics is intuitive and flexible, but getting the right reports and dashboards dialed-in to support the insights you need isn't always a direct and easy path. Lean on our Net Promoter Score 90+ point Support Engineering team to help you realize the full value you can get from your Genesys Cloud data.



3) Simplified Invoicing: By subscribing to Brightmetrics services through the "Premium App" program with Genesys, Brightmetrics will be added to your existing Genesys invoicing and terms.



What's Next?

If your team uses Genesys Cloud, sign up for your Premium App free trial today. It's free, it takes less than 10 minutes of your time to configure so you've got nothing to lose. This is your simple path to see visuals of your Genesys Cloud data creating custom Reports in no time. Can you create custom reports on Genesys Cloud? Absolutely, we're here to help!


Looking for a quick review of what you can expect from our services before you dive in? Check out our overview video here.


Also, we love to do live demos of our services on your data when you've set up your trial. So be sure to schedule a demo time that works for your team so we can show off everything Brightmetrics does to surface the insights your team needs to shape your customer experience over time and in the moment.


Finally, if you have any questions about how you can start your free trial or any other Brightmetrics inquiries, please feel free to contact our support engineers at


Start Your Free 30-Day Trial of Brightmetrics for Genesys Cloud Today!


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