December 19, 2018 by Matt Beatty

Let's Talk about Why You Should Say, Cheers to Another Year!

A couple weeks ago, we talked about wrapping up the year and setting up your agents with their own dashboards to help them manage themselves.

This week, we’re diving into a related common topic that becomes a part of wrapping up your year.

Annual Reviews

Now, why are they important?


One reason that reviews should be done (at least on an annual cadence) is that they create a safe space where you and your employees can communicate about highlights, challenges, expectations, and the rhythm and cadence of the job. Is your employee satisfied, overwhelmed, or bored with the amount of work they go through on a daily basis? Are they happy in the role that they are in? Is there anything that you can do to make their time spent at work better?


Another reason they are necessary is to talk about goals. Have your agent’s goals been met with flying colors? Or is it clear that the goals have been long forgotten and thrown in the trash? Right now is the perfect time to revisit and either adjust goals or create new ones.


So, where does Brightmetrics™ come in? No doubt your discussion will hold qualitative observations, but in customer engagement operations the quantitative metrics are really important to measure.


Brightmetrics is the tool that can help you navigate through creating the right, data-driven goals to measure performance.


Here's an example of what an agent dashboard can look like:



For most agents, these metrics will help focus your discussion.


Call time:

Call time is the amount of time an agent spends on any given call. Is an agent’s specific average call time ideal for their position? Are they spending too much time on the phone for a call that should be relatively short? Is this because they aren’t well trained or is it that they chattier than they should be.


Or is it possible that they are spending too little time on the phone? Sometimes, this is not best practice because it may make customers feel like they are not being heard or understood. This can create a negative experience for the customer.


Hold time:

Hold time is the amount of time an agent is leaving a caller on hold.  As a team, are your agents leaving your callers on hold too long? Is it hurting their customer experience? Are there new processes that can be implemented to help the entire team manage hold times better?


Or are specific agents taking too long to get back on the line with their callers. Sometimes this means that they are not trained well enough to be handling those types of calls or even that they aren’t trained well in using the phone system.


Count of All Calls:

This metric accounts for the number of calls agents make in any given time frame. It is important to track this number especially when agents are expected to meet a certain quota of inbound or outbound calls. Setting a goal around a range count of calls per day or week could be helpful in providing clear expectations and flexibility in the workplace.


Average Queue Time:

This accounts for the amount of time a caller is waiting in queue to reach an agent. While not necessarily an individual metrics, this is important to review with agents because their performance has a major impact potentially on this average. If the queue time is way too long for the groups they’re members in, this is something important to bring up. Are they choosing to not answer the phone? Are they overwhelmed? Or is it that they are busy with other responsibilities, but have issues with logging in and out? Finding out what the problem is will allow you to take the first steps to remedy any problems with average queue time.


Average Treatment Time (ECC Users Only):

This is the total amount of talk time, hold time, and wrap time. Because this metrics is a mix of a couple of the metrics mentioned above, the same questions, concerns, and suggestions are still valid. This metric is a great measurement to see how well your agent is doing overall in their position.


So, with the new year around the corner, right now is the perfect time to check on your agents’ performance throughout the year. Then, reviewing and setting up new goals. With Brightmetrics, you have access to the right metrics to help you and your team create measurable and flexible goals.


What Else Can You Do With Brightmetrics?


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