August 14, 2018 by Matt Beatty

CEO On the Go

Let’s face it… you’re used to the dreadful feeling of having too many tasks and never enough time to execute.

It’s difficult to prioritize an inbox flooded with unread emails and a never-ending to-do list. And if you are in an executive role at your company (maybe a CEO/ maybe someone who lives in the fast lane), this feeling may resonate with you especially.


Because of how busy you are, often your call center metrics don’t even hit your radar. This is exactly why you have leaders running those operations, right??


The thing is, you’re fanatical about both the quality of your customers’ experience and the efficient delivery of that experience. While you trust your team, you need a way to keep a finger on the pulse of how that experience is delivered. That’s where having analytics from your contact center data delivered to you in a quick/easy-to-consume format is vital.


Brightmetrics™ can make this easy.


When you’re extremely busy, you don’t have the time to drill into the nitty-gritty details of the phone system data. Getting the information you need is often a slow, onerous process. It usually requires multiple platforms to navigate. With Brightmetrics, you can avoid spending time hunting for insights when you take advantage of scheduled reports and dashboards.


With this feature, you get information about your employee productivity, staffing levels, customer service and technical setup of the phone system via email.


Because of this, you won’t have to spend any time logging in and navigating to your preferred visualization. You can even designate someone on your team set up the reports and dashboards in their own Brightmetrics environment. They can simply input your email address and you’ll have insights sent to you.


Your metrics will be ready to be consumed whenever you have a chance- on your schedule. In short, scheduled reports and dashboards are low maintenance with a high value.


So, if you’re a CEO on the go (or just a really busy person), here’s a short list of the charts that will bring you the right analytics:


1. Customer Service Stats:


It’s easy to see why this chart is valuable. You'll get a high-level view of the how this specific group is doing. In this case, they have a 7.7% Abandon Rate, which can be considered mostly normal! It also shows their percentage of calls transferred, the team’s average handle time and the number of calls received.


2. Average Queue Time:


Here’s why this chart is important: you can keep track of how long your customers are waiting to reach to one of your agents in any given group.


3. Call Count by Wrap Code:

With this chart, you’ll have a clear view as to why your callers are contacting your organization in the first place. In this case, about 30% of the calls are labeled “Account Info”. If this is a pattern, modifying the IVR to navigate callers to search for their account information online (assuming that option is available) could allow for more agent availability.


So, if you ever look like this in the workplace:






Please allow us to take some of that stress off your shoulders. Use scheduled reports and dashboards to access the information you need about your contact center without wasting any time at all.


Learn how to schedule your insights!


Note: If you like to dig into more of the details behind the visualizations, those reports can be served upon a regularly scheduled cadence to you too! Here’s how you do it.


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