October 12, 2017 by Matt Beatty

Brightmetrics™ vs. Mitel Reporting

Contact center managers with Mitel (ShoreTel) phone systems and Enterprise Contact Center know they need to make data-driven decisions but have found that getting to the data to discover insights can be incredibly difficult. For that reason, Brightmetrics developed Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) Analytics™. We wanted to develop a service that democratized access to the most important metrics for delivery of this business intelligence to the fingertips of every key stakeholder involved. Let’s see how Mitel's (ShoreTel) native ECC reports stack up against the quantity and quality of data available through Brightmetrics services:


Delivery of good analytics hinges on a combination of the depth, breadth, and the location of/accessibility of your data. Without all three, you’re either missing the complete picture necessary to make the best-informed decisions, the process taxes you and your team beyond the value you get from the analytics, or the perspectives are stale and can’t provide insights in a cadence that helps guide decisions.



• The customization of perspectives from data isn’t available or requires server-side access.
• The data frequently requires IT staff or analysts to access, transform for business value and distribute.
• The reports are static and don’t allow for immediate changes.



• Information is available in a web-based application that anyone in your team can access and use.
• The metrics your team regularly uses are flexible to adjust and customize, and simple to share and distribute through automation.
• The data is democratized so that every key stakeholder has the information they need to do the best job possible.



To maximize your contact center results, you need more than just data -- you need analytics. Whether your executive team is making strategic decisions based on historical data, or your agents need to make tactical in-the-moment choices, Brightmetrics provides convenience that is unavailable through the Mitel reporting system.



• It takes 5 screens (like ShoreWare CC Reports, CCIV, Agent Manager, CC Agent DB, Director) to get the full picture of your ECC.
• Many of the reporting tools are expensive and clunky add-ons.
• Customizing unique reports can require lots of manual compilation, a time-consuming process that is labor-intensive.



• The vital stats you need for a full picture of your ECC is available in a single pane of glass.
• Once your information is compiled in a report, you can drill into the data and reconfigure the reports to get the exact perspective you need.
• Oftentimes, it’s not about the initial picture your data paints. The real insights come from drilling through charts, manipulating the various dimensions and values to draw out more, and diving deeper into the data to spot trends instead of anomalies.



According to the Deloitte Global Contact Center Survey, 2017, customer experience strongly ranks as the #1 driver of contact center growth and contributor to cost, revenue, and customer satisfaction over the next 2 years. With traditional systems, static reports, inflexible perspectives, management has almost no control of the customer experience as it happens. Managers are simply reacting to past occurrences. Brightmetrics is changing that.



• Requires you to open one more screen on your computer to monitor and control agent status.
• This slows your ability to recognize the need for immediate action to ensure a swift resolution to issues like abnormally high call volume, long queue times, or abandon rates.
• Managers rely heavily on employees to follow procedure, or else they have to employ workforce analysts for their team to maintain situational awareness and recommend actions that could improve customer experience.



• With the addition of Brightmetrics REAL TIME Analytics™, you can have historical trend charts for context, see the in-the-moment operational picture, and manage agents and groups from a single Brightmetrics dashboard.
• Gives you control to log in, logout, release, or resume agent activity from your desktop or mobile device.
• Provides you with instant information about the current state of your customer experience and the tools to adjust that experience in the moment.


Brightmetrics is the Winner!

Hands down, Brightmetrics outshines Mitel native reporting! Brightmetrics makes your Mitel phone and contact center data completely accessible while allowing for the flexibility of adjusting and diving deeper into reports. Additionally, in the same place you can have the ability to directly deploy your team to positively influence your customer experience. In short, Brightmetrics gives you the analytics you need to ensure that your organization’s productivity, staffing levels, and customer experience are where you need them to be.


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