July 17, 2019 by Matt Beatty

Brightmetrics™ Release: Radiance Experience

Your Brilliant Customer Engagement Insights Delivered in a Visually Stunning and Intuitively Flexible Way…

If you’re a customer with Brightmetrics, you know that we’ve been serving up valuable insights into how your team is delivering service and care in their connected moments with your customers for almost 10 years.


Over time, you’ve seen us continue to release features, enhancements and improvements in delivering on our commitment to increase the value you get from our services.


You’ll also know we’ve been asking you for feedback on how we can continue to deliver more value. In today’s exciting announcement I can say...we’ve heard your feedback!


"Brightmetrics delivers valuable data visualizations on our dashboards and flexible reports, but:

  • we could use a fresher looking design
  • creating, editing and modifying your dashboards and reports could be easier and more intuitive”


So, we’ve redesigned Brightmetrics to deliver your insights in a fresh, modern and visually stunning way that you’ll be proud to display on your wallboards. We’ve also worked hard to improve the ease of navigation and how you can get more from the tools you use to customize and maximize the flexibility of your dashboards and reports!


Our new Radiance User Interface option is NOW being rolled out to customers over the next few weeks!


We’ve been careful to not take anything away from you in terms of features and functionality that is currently available in our Classic interface and, in fact, we’ve only added more powerful and flexible features for your team to use!

If you like to ease into change, don’t worry, you can always switch back to Brightmetrics Classic for now as you get used to the Radiance Experience at your pace.


Watch the video below to see a quick preview of Brightmetrics Radiance in action!

Brightmetrics For Mitel MiVoice Connect:


Brightmetrics for Genesys Cloud (PureCloud):


Interested in seeing more? Only one way to find out, log into Brightmetrics today and switch over to the Radiance experience.


Log Into Brightmetrics



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