August 21, 2012 by Andrew Gaskill

Brightmetrics™ Chart Item Toggle Feature

It happens. Sometimes you end up with a busy chart that's hard to read, but there's still a reason to have it. It might be ok for seeing larger trends or anomalies, but it just isn't useful for seeing individual chart items.


In the past, you could click on the items in the legend to turn that particular item off, but if you wanted to see just one item, you had to manually turn all the items off (and then back on) individually.


With our new Chart Item Toggle, we've solved that and it makes charts much more useful.




This chart shows a top 10 (you did know you could do top 10 lists, didn't you) list by call volume over the last 30 days. But it's pretty crazy to try to see what any one user is doing. If I want to take a look at my call volume, I can see the Jim Lewis chart item. Clicking once on my name in the Legend takes me off the chart completely.




But clicking on my name a second time removes everyone else from the chart (temporarily) and only my call volume is shown.




If you need to compare me to another user, you can just click on that name while the chart is toggled to me and you'll only see those two items.




You can see that it's now much easier to analyze busy charts.


As always, if you have any questions you can email


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