May 23, 2017 by Michele Cuchra

3 Ways to Improve Contact Center Agent Performance

If you use Brightmetrics UC Analytics™ to derive valuable business insights from your Mitel (ShoreTel) business phones, you’re already a believer in empowering your team with data perspectives that are tailored and unique to your organization. Contact center management and team leaders can also take these benefits to the next level with Brightmetrics Enterprise Analytics™ and REAL TIME Analytics™ add-on services that enable better in-the-moment call center decisions. But what about the agents who are the lynchpin of your customer experience, executing day in, day out? Have you thought about how positive reinforcement can result from the visualization of the data behind the engagements? Or about how that can fuel encouragement for the call center agent performance towards your organizational objectives?

Here Are 3 Key Benefits to REAL TIME Analytics for your Contact Center Agents:

1. It Helps Them Own Your Business Goals

Contact center agents are often so far removed from the upper management and business goals that it’s difficult for them to see a direct tie between their actions and the success or failure of the contact center objectives. With real time metrics, agents can see a direct correlation between their performance and the success of the contact center. The first step is always to clearly explain the goals of the contact center, rather than just provide only individual goals, and explain what those goals mean for the success of the organization, and the impact the agents have on that success. The second (and most important) step towards improving agent performance, is to continually show the agents their results and the impact of their actions. For example, an agent takes an unscheduled break, and during that 15-minute interval there are 2 abandoned calls.  Show the data to the agent so they understand that by taking their break when it was scheduled, they could have serviced those calls rather than them abandoning the queue.


2. It Allows For Self and Team Accountability

The team has a better synergy when they can see that they’re working together towards a common goal. They will help to hold each other accountable to performance goals and standards. There’s a very real psychological effect to having your team’s real-time numbers displayed, and showing numbers that don’t meet your goals in red. It provides instant motivation for the agents to improve performance, pushing the entire team to perform better. When you provide the metrics necessary to enable your agents to improve daily performance with actual evidence of that performance as it happens, you are setting your team up for success.


3. It Helps With Job Satisfaction and Morale

It’s typical for contact centers to experience spikes in call volume from time to time. These spikes could be correlated to specific times of day/month/year, or they could be because of system issues. Whatever the reason, having calls in queue isn’t good for your service factor, your customer satisfaction, or for your agents. They get burnt out, and often feel like there’s no end in sight because they can’t see how many calls are still waiting to be answered. During these time periods, employee morale tends to decrease. Having a wallboard where they can view the number of calls left in the queue (and see the progress that they’re making) as the day goes on can go a long way towards helping maintain a positive outlook and increasing job satisfaction levels. Both are most certainly reflected in their customer interactions.


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